In the form provided please enter your information followed by a message describing to me which tattoo flash you would like or if you would be happy picking a flash design on the day (always preferable!).

If you have a custom idea please describe to me in as much detail as possible what you would like so that we can work together to make the design you are happy with.

If you already know a general size and placement of the tattoo on your body please provide those details too.

I am always happy to arrange a personal consultation with you if you would feel more comfortable speaking to me about your new tattoo in person.

Please note that a deposit will be required to confirm the flash/design and appointment. This can be paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal or if we have a consultation meeting it can be paid in cash. The paid deposit will be taken out of the final price of the tattoo.

If the appointment is cancelled but is rescheduled for a later date the deposit will still be valid and taken out of the final price of the tattoo.

I am usually able to give a rough quote for the price of the tattoo but please be aware that this is subject to change depending on the final size and placement agreed at the appointment. For custom work i will charge an extra 50 euros to the final price.

You can see most of my designs which are in the FLASH menu. The tattoos which have been taken will have a blue dot next to them. If there is something you like but it has already been tattooed I will be happy to make something similar or a variation of the design.

Please feel free to contact me for any further questions you may have.


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Please keep in mind that I will always prioritise flash over custom work. I will always try my best to accommodate your idea but it is possible that I will reject your idea if i feel it doesn't suit my style or i feel it would be better for someone else to realise your idea..